Saturday, 11 February 2012

I would very much like to do some more travelling and as I don't eat meat this company has been of particular interest to me, although in the past I have been to India and Thailand before and found the food was amazing!!!

I did have a particularly hard going experience once when I went on an overland trip through South Africa to Namibia and had checked beforehand that I would be catered for. I then found the only food I could have was the same salad every single day for two weeks, there was a pescatarian on the trip and she had the same but with tuna, where as everyone else had a different meal everyday. I lost a lot of weight in those two weeks as you can imagine!!!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Or these beauties....
For example these with black tights......
The first thing on my list of love is this beautiful asymmetric dress, it's so pretty but I would like to see it with a chunky belt, my pleather jacket and some mega high black shoes (maybe with spikes or something).

You can order it here at:
Well this is me.....
Hi and welcome to my blog. Bear with me as I have never tried this before. I just wanted somewhere I could share my likes, views, opinions etc on anything and everything (but knowing me mainly fashion).